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American Biosciences

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American BioSciences AvéULTRA | Daily Immune System & Cell Support | Fermented Wheat Germ Extract | Natural Orange-Flavored Instant Drink Mix, 30 Packets

A SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, AveULTRA has been proven through extensive research and clinical trials to boost the immune system and encourage healthy cellular metabolism.*', 'SUPPORTS HEALTH AT ITS MOST FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL AveULTRAs dramatic ability to enhance energy and quality of life comes from its power to modulate immune response and regulate cell metabolism, helping the body respond to internal and external stressors more effectively.*', 'USES 3 IMMUNE SUPPORT MECHANISMS Not only does AveULTRA help regulate and modulate healthy cells, it also exposes foreign, enemy cells in your body so the immune systems natural killer (NK) cells can recognize and identify these unfriendly cells and destroy them. It also starves harmful cells by helping the body regulate glucose metabolism at the cellular level.*', 'SAFE, CONVENIENT, & FAST-ACTING Delivered in the form of a concentrated health drink, each individual-use packet contains 5.5 grams of Avemar freeze-dried actives that can be mixed with 4 oz. of cold water or juice. Studies have reported that dramatic results can be seen within weeks, sometimes even days.'

American Biosciences ImmPower, 30 Count

Supports enhanced cytokine production Serving size: 2 capsules Immune system support

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American BioSciences Metatrol | Mitochondrial Rescue & Daily Immune System Support | Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – Super Concentrate | 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 41mg of FWGE-SC per Serving

A MIRACLE OF NATURE - First introduced in the US in 2005, Fermented Wheat Germ Extract has been amazing researchers, impressing doctors, and satisfying customers ever since. Over 40 articles have been published describing studies and trials showing its safety and efficacy in providing remarkable health benefits for a wide range of serious health challenges by helping to restore proper mitochondrial function.', "DISCOVERY OF THE 'BIOACTIVE FRACTION' - An extensive research collaboration found that in its natural form FWGE consists of thousands of molecules, but 100% of the biological activity and health benefits of wheat germ are provided by less than 100 molecules. This specific concentration of molecules composes the bioactive fraction. Non-active molecules dilute FWGE bioactives and are thus removed in Metatrol.", 'METATROL: THE MOST POTENT FWGE - Patent pending technology concentrates all the bioactive molecules in FWGE, filtering out non-active molecules, including gluten and gliadin, which may contribute to unwanted inflammation. The bioactive fraction used in Metatrol is referred to as Fermented Wheat Germ Extract Super Concentrate (FWGE-SC). Studies show that 41 mg of FWGE-SC has the same biological effect as 5,500 mg of whole FWGE (found in AveULTRA) and 17,000 mg of spray-dried FWGE.', 'FROM PURE NATURE TO PURE POWER - Metatrol FWGE-SC is the most potent and super concentrated FWGE dietary supplement ever produced and the only one that is gluten-free! This can provide you with the benefits, safety, and efficacy of wheat germ nutrition without any of the side effects.', 'THE HIGHEST QUALITY FWGE - Metatrol is free of gluten, soy, dairy, and sugar. It is also vegan, non-GMO, and manufactured in the USA in an NPA GMP certified facility.'

American BioSciences DGP Chewable -- 60 Chewable Tablets

DGP is the best all-natural joint supplement for dogs and pets who struggle with their joints and mobility.

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