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Plum Flower

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Chinese Dodder Seed Herb Extract Powder - Tu Si Zi - Cuscuta Chinensis 100g or 3.5oz

Chinese Dodder Seed Full Spectrum Herb Extract Powder, Single Herb Extract.', 'Convenient and easy to use powder; for encapsulating or as a tea.', 'Made at GMP internationally certified facilities (Good Manufacturing Practices) Quality control tests are done at the manufacturing site and at third party labs to confirm results.', 'Manufactured using Unsulfured, Chlorine free, Aluminum Phosphate free herbs when possible.', 'Microbials and heavy metals tested. No preservatives. Origin: China'

Eight Flavor Rehmannia Teapills -- Economy Size -- Plum Flower, 1000 Pills

Economy Size 1000 pill bottle', 'Easy to take coated tiny pills', 'GMP factory'

Emperors Teapills ECONOMY SIZE, 1000 ct, Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan

No pharmaceuticals, dyes or sugars', 'Unsulfured, preservative-free herbs', 'Microbial and heavy metal tested'

Gan Mao Ling ECONOMY SIZE, 500 ct, Plum Flower

500 tablet bottle -- equivalent to 5 little bottles', 'Sulpher-free herrbs', 'Certified GMP factory'

Gui Pi (Gui Pi Wan) Economy Size,1000 Ct, Plum Flower 6.0 Oz

Unsulphered herbs', 'GMP manufacturer', 'Economy 1000 pill bottle (equivalent to 5 little ones)', 'A popular remedy for insomnia and excessive worry'

Plum Flower Wanderer *Plus* ECONOMY SIZE, 1000 ct

Economy size 1000 pill bottle', 'GMP manufacturer', 'Sulpher-free herbs'

Six Flavor ECONOMY SIZE, 1000 ct, Plum Flower

Sulpher-free herbs', 'GMP factory', 'US tests for purity'