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AstaFX Astaxanthin Super Formula - 30 Day Supply from Purity Products

Supports Muscle Endurance*', 'Promotes Healthy Skin*', 'Supports Visual Acuity*', 'Astaxanthin - Up To 6,000 Times More Powerful Than Vitamin C', 'One of the most innovative and bioavailable Astaxanthin products on the market today.'

AstaFX Plus - Astaxanthin Super Formula - 30 Day Supply from Purity Products

Delivers 25% more Astaxanthin -- than regular AstaFX formulation', 'More powerful than Beta Carotene or Lutein at eliminating free radicals', 'Supports muscle endurance, visual acuity, skin health, immune function and cardiovascular health', 'Helps shield cells against oxidation', 'Supports Muscle Endurance and Healthy Energy Levels'

B-12 Energy BerryMelt with Super Fruits - 30 Tablets from Purity Products

PATENTED FORM OF VITAMIN B12 Clinically shown to have better absorption and greater tissue retention! Convenient and Delicious berry-flavored wafers.', 'ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! - Like an orally-given shot of energy-support you take every single day! Essential for energy production, supporting healthy mood, brain function and sense of well-being.', 'FAST-ACTING! MORE EFFICIENT! - Puritys form of B12 does not require additional conversion in the body. Ortho-molecule identical to the bodys fully active vitamin B12. Fast melting chewable tablets!', 'AN IMMENSE RANGE OF BENEFITS - Supports healthy sleep patterns, brain and neurological health, normal red blood cell formation, healthy methylation, a strong immune system and much more!', 'EVERYDAY IMMUNITY! - Contributes to a normal function of the immune system. A clinical study in B12 deficient patients demonstrated that Puritys form of B12 acts as an immunomodulator of cellular immunity.'

Dr. Cannell's Advanced D - Vitamin D Super Formula - 60 vegetarian capsules - Purity Products

FULL SPECTRUM VITAMIN D COMPLEX - Vitamin D is a team player inside the human body, relying on proper levels of other nutrients - key cofactors - to fulfill its potential. Dr. Cannells Advanced D3 goes way beyond generic Vitamin D, delivering more punch, and more value!', 'PHYSICIAN FORMULATED! - Formulated by the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, Dr. John J. Cannell. Involved in over 2000 genes in the human body, Vitamin D is essential for the healthy structure and function of the human body. Advanced D3 delivers 5000ius of Vitamin D3 in every serving!', 'THE POWER OF VITAMIN K2 - Vitamin K2 is crucial to help make sure calcium winds up in the proper areas in your body, like your bones and teeth, and not your arteries.', 'DONT FORGET SUPER BORON! Advanced D3 goes a step further with FruiteX-B, a patented, clinically researched source of boron shown to powerfully support joint comfort, strong bones, and vitamin d metabolism', 'EASY-TO-SWALLOW CAPSULES & NON-GMO - 60 Vegetarian Capsules per bottle. Non-GMO.'

EverStrong - Muscle Matrix Blend | Creapure Creatine | Boron (FruiteX-B PhytoBoron) | CoffeeBerry Extract | Boosted with 1000 IU Vitamin D - 120 Tablets from Purity Products

MAXIMIZE ENDURANCE AND POWER! - EverStrong will help boost the effects of resistance training on strength and body mass. It also will increase endurance, strength, power, lean mass and can promote healthy neurological function.', 'RECHARGE EVERY CELL IN YOU BODY! - Creatine plays a central role in the transport and storage of energy in every cell in the human body. You simply cant make energy without it- EverStrong goes to work powering up your energy, whether you work out or not!', 'GET STRONGER AT ANY AGE! - Whether youre a man or a woman, EverStrong is the ultimate option for anyone looking to build strength and power, or simply to help preserve muscle mass, regardless of age. Stay stronger for longer!', 'KEY-COFACTORS DELIVER MORE! - EverStrong provides PATENTED and clinically tested FruiteX-B for powerful joint-comforting support, Vitamin D3 to maintain bone health and immunity, and PATENTED CoffeeBerry extract for energy and peripheral nervous system support.'

HA Joint Formula - Hyaluronic Acid from Purity Products, 90 capsules

FULL SPECTRUM SUPPORT FOR ACTIVE JOINTS! - Puritys #1 Joint Formula targets multiple areas: 1. Helps build cartilage and joint structure. 2. Promotes joint comfort and mobility. 3. Supports tendons and ligaments. 4. Promotes joint lubrication. 5. Supports the normal shock-absorbing capacity of joints.', 'ACTIVELY PROMOTE JOINT AND SKIN COLLAGEN (Type I, II & III) - Unlike other collagen products on the market, the active ingredient in Ultimate HA contains a patented combination of hydrolyzed collagen type II, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid to deliver powerful benefits.', 'VISIBLY REDUCE WRINKLES IN ONLY 12 WEEKS! - Key ingredient clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and support microcirculation in the skin. Maintains skin integrity and texture. Results you can see in the mirror!', 'FIGHT SKIN DRYNESS! - Hyaluronic Acid is a key component of the skin matrix responsible for keep the skin supple and hydrated. Ultimate HA increases skin hydration from the inside out, enhancing your visible appearance!', 'PATENTED INGREDIENT! - Award winning, clinically tested ingredient. Easy-to-swallow capsules.'
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