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Sacred Earth Botanicals

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Sacred Earth Botanicals Vegan Massage Lotion 8oz

Certified Vegan Unscented Massage Lotion Hypo-Allergenic Provides Excellent Absorption While Retaining Great Glide & Workability

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Vegan Massage Lotion, Unscented, Water Dispersible, Nut Oil Free, Gluten Free and Contains Only Certified Organic Oils and Extracts. (1 Gallon)

FRAGRANCE FREE, NUT OIL FREE, GLUTEN FREE by avoiding these common allergens you can accommodate a wider variety of clients', 'USDA ORGANIC OILS AND EXTRACTS by using products with organically grown ingredients you support a system of farming that is more environmentally friendly than conventional farming because organic crops cannot use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified organisms)', 'CERTIFIED VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE rest assured that there are no animal products used in the formulation of this cream and we do not test on animals', 'ABSORBS EASILY this lotion is light and will absorb easily so your clients will leave their massage feeling refreshed not greasy', 'WATER DISPERSIBLE this product will easily wash out of your linens'