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Slo-Niacin Dietary Supplement Once Daily with 250 mg Niacin Vitamin B from Nicotinic Acid for High Absorption 250 mg 100 Tablets per Bottle

Niacin, is a type of B vitamin that occurs naturally and aids in the function of the digestive system, skin, and nervous system and can help maintain good cholesterol within the normal range', 'SLO-NIACIN is specially-formulated to deliver nicotinic acid, which is a doctor-recommended form of niacin. Take 1 tablet morning or evening, or as directed by a healthcare professional.', 'Primary ingredient is nicotinic acid which is clinically proven to support good cholesterol (HDL) and SLO-NIACIN can help maintain HDL within appropriate levels', 'Formulated with a unique polygel controlled-release system that gradually delivers a measured release of niacin (nicotinic acid) into the body and is designed to reduce the likelihood of flushing that may be associated with niacin use', 'Make supplementation a part of your daily routine and start experiencing a fun, healthy and productive lifestyle'