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Wisdom of the Ages

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Advantage Liquid Concentrate, 2 Fl Oz

THE BEST GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT FORMULA AVAILABLE!', 'Formulated with Safe & Natural Grapefruit Seed Extract and fortified with all the amazing benefits of Green Tea & Jasmine Tea', 'Exclusive Proprietary formula consisting of USP food grade, non-GMO ingredients that are Kosher certified are used in the production and extraction of our Grapefruit Seed Extract.', 'The Ultimate Immune Support! Natural source of Ascorbid Acid(Vitamin C), Flavonoids and Antioxidants!', 'This popular product has so many uses, it is referred to as "The Medicine Cabinet in a Bottle"'

Colorado Black Gold Ointment - Wisdom of the Ages

Herbal Drawing and Healing Salve', 'Use on Insect Bites, Splinters, and Foreign Objects in the Skin', 'Use on Infected Skin Conditions', 'Use on Ingrown Toenails, Fungus, Acne, Skin Ulcers', 'Use on Cuts, Scrapes, Abcesses, Boils and Hemorrhoids'


Eyebright Drops - Wisdom of the Ages, 1 fl oz.

EXPERIENCE THE SOOTHING AND CLEANSING POWER OF NATURAL EYEBRIGHT DROPS!', "Wisdom of the Ages' exclusive proprietary formula combines the natural power of organic Eyebright extract, with the added benefits of sea salt, MSM, apple cider vinegar and grapefruit seed extract in a soothing glycerin base.", 'This natural eye drop is formulated for moisturizing, cleansing, rejuvenating and maintaining brighter, radiant, healthy-looking eyes!', 'All Natural Eye Formula helps Relieve Eye Irritations and Eye Strain', 'Relieves Dry, Red, or Weeping Eyes. Supports strong, healthy vision.'