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Brock Beauty Hairfinity Balanced Moisture Conditioner

Moisture-rich formula that gently detangles, smoothes and replenishes hair to its optimal moisture level from roots to ends', 'Infused with our exclusive CAPILSANA COMPLEX that delivers a unique blend of bioactive Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM for hair vitality, and nourishing Horsetail.', 'Replenishes hair to its optimal moisture level, smoothes and detangles, and improves manageability', 'Manufacturer Warranty Included Only If Purchased From Brock Beauty', 'Recommended for all hair types.Safe for color-treated hair.'

Buried Treasure Hair, Skin and Nails with MSM Biotin Aloe Vera plus Vitamins and Minerals in a High Potency Liquid Whole Food Complex for Fuller Hair, Stronger Nails and Clearer Skin 16 oz

Thicker, stronger, fuller hair, clear, glowing, beautiful skin with Buried Treasure Hair Skin and Nails high potency liquid formula.', 'MSM - methylsulfonylmethane - helps to enhance blood circulation and improves the permeability of cell membranes which helps to increase the intake of nutrients and release toxins and waste.', 'Biotin - also known as Vitamin H helps the body to metabolize proteins and amino acids. Biotin is a water soluble coenxyme to also referred to as Vitamin B-7', 'Aloe Vera - concentrated 200:1 - with glycoproteins and polysaccaride helps speed healing process and stimulate skin growth and repair.', 'Hair Skin and Nails is gluten free, wheat free, yeast free and dairy free. 16 oz certified BPA free bottle. Ingredients globally sourced. Manufactured in a FDA, USDA and cGMP compliant facility in Pikeville, TN USA.'


Erbaviva Baby Shampoo, Clear

Nourishes the hair and scalp with a Oregon grape extract', 'Pleasantly scented with lavender and chamomile', 'Ultra-Mild, gentle enough for newborns & perfect for the whole family'


Essential Source Bonita V - Hair Skin and Nails - 30 Vegetarian Tablets

Essential Source Bonita V - Hair Skin and Nails - 30 Vegetarian Tablets'


Geo F. Trumper GFT Shaving Cream 7oz

Only a small amount is required for each shave to produce a luxurious lather