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Vitamin D

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AnuMed Vitamin D3 Cream 10,000 IU 3 Ounces

This superior formulation offers 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 per pump', 'No Pills to Swallow and contains Magnesium for Easier Absorption', 'Soothes and moisturizes Dry Skin', 'Renews Damaged Skin and helps to Normalize Cell Growth', 'Make up for Vitamin D3 deficiency due to less in the diet and less time in the sun due to concerns of suns rays on skin'

Carlson Vitamin A Palmitate 15,000 IU, Vision Health, 240 Soft Gels

Promotes healthy vision, skin, and immune system health', '15,000 IU (4,500 mcg RAE) of vitamin A palmitate per soft gel', 'Potency and quality guaranteed'

Dr. Cannell's Advanced D - Vitamin D Super Formula - 60 vegetarian capsules - Purity Products

FULL SPECTRUM VITAMIN D COMPLEX - Vitamin D is a team player inside the human body, relying on proper levels of other nutrients - key cofactors - to fulfill its potential. Dr. Cannells Advanced D3 goes way beyond generic Vitamin D, delivering more punch, and more value!', 'PHYSICIAN FORMULATED! - Formulated by the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, Dr. John J. Cannell. Involved in over 2000 genes in the human body, Vitamin D is essential for the healthy structure and function of the human body. Advanced D3 delivers 5000ius of Vitamin D3 in every serving!', 'THE POWER OF VITAMIN K2 - Vitamin K2 is crucial to help make sure calcium winds up in the proper areas in your body, like your bones and teeth, and not your arteries.', 'DONT FORGET SUPER BORON! Advanced D3 goes a step further with FruiteX-B, a patented, clinically researched source of boron shown to powerfully support joint comfort, strong bones, and vitamin d metabolism', 'EASY-TO-SWALLOW CAPSULES & NON-GMO - 60 Vegetarian Capsules per bottle. Non-GMO.'

Innate Choice D Sufficiency Liquid Vitamin D3, 1 Fluid Ounce

"500,000 IU's per bottle", 'Naturally Occurring (D3) from lanolin 500iu/drop (1000 Drops/Bottle)', 'Delivered in 100 percent CERTIFIED ORGANIC OLIVE OIL', 'Easy to use dropper included', "World's Premier Vitamin D supplement"


Micellized D3 1200 Higher Potency 1 Ounces

1 Ounces Liquid', 'Serving Size: One drop (.04 ml)', '750 Servings Per Container', 'Gluten Free'